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Hurray for February


As we begin February, it begins to feel like we might, indeed, make it through another winter. Just one last cold, snowy, month to go. By March, the end is truly in sight. We’re not quite there yet, though. A big snowstorm is moving into the area and is expected to leave behind 20 cm (8 inches) or so of snow. This morning, there has been no sign of the sun. Rather, it has been overcast and grey, with light flurries, a taste of what Old Man Winter has in store for us tomorrow.

One thing you have to say for a northern winter: it’s an excellent time of year to get some reading done. There are fewer competing interests or outdoor tasks that need doing, and on the coldest days, I have little incentive to stray far from the fireside! The bitterly cold days of January were very good for my reading list.

I aim to read a minimum of 26 books in a year, an average of one every two weeks. The exact number of books I might get through in a year varies considerably, depending on what other activities are keeping me busy, and what sort of books I’ve been settling into.

This year, I set myself the happy task of reading all of the books on the Giller Prize short list, the Governor General Award short list, and the Canada Reads list. To date I have read 4 of the 5 Giller books and the same from the GG list. I am currently reading The Bone Cage, which will be my third book from the Canada Reads list. Such an undertaking has a number of pluses. You don’t have to wonder what to read next. I place hold requests with my library and read the books in the order in which they become available. Since all are award nominees, you have a guarantee of quality, even if the book isn’t something you would have picked off the shelf yourself. And perhaps best of all, reading such a list encourages you to try new authors and subject matter and even explore different formats. I just read my first graphic novel! You can find reviews of all my January reading over at Willow Books. Now, on to February!


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