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We Move to the Country

Strictly speaking, we have lived in “the country” for a long time.  Both my husband and I grew up in suburbia.  However, it had long been my dream to live in the country, owing in large part to my affinity for horses.  So it was that the home we bought at the time of our marriage was an old farmhouse on five acres on the western fringe of the Greater Toronto Area.  At the time, it was at the farthest edge of what was considered commuting distance to Toronto, and I travelled via GO train to a job in downtown Toronto every day.  That was more than 30 years ago.  Our three daughters grew up in that house, horses and pets came and went, gardens grew, life was lived.

Much has changed over those 30 years.  Development has crept rapidly across the GTA. Nearby Milton is one of the fastest growing towns in Canada and our once-rural home is now close to heavily populated suburbs. Our own lives have changed with the years as well. Our children have fledged and retirement lies but a few years distant.

We began to consider leaving our longtime home and seeking a quieter, less expensive area, outside of the sprawl of the GTA.
As all three of our daughters now live east of Toronto, we began our search about 2 hours east of home, north of Belleville.  As time went by and we failed to locate our ideal property, our search parameters expanded eastward.

We finally settled on a house with 65 acres located about an hour south of Ottawa, and some 5 hours from our GTA location. We took possession of the new place in November, 2008, overlapping the purchase with the sale of our first house, allowing for the gradual transfer of 30 years worth of life to a new location.
So it is that I find myself admiring a new view on this frosty February morning. As I look out the back door, I enjoy a quiet anticipation of all that the new year will bring as we explore life in new surroundings.

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