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The last day of March was dull and gray. At least it wasn’t actually raining, as it was over the weekend. The river level is quite swollen from the recent downpour. But no ice! March left as it came in, like a lamb. The month seemed to go by quickly, carrying us ever closer to warm weather.


The last redpoll was spotted on Saturday. They have headed back to their northern breeding grounds. A few pine siskins linger, but the niger feeder has mostly been taken over by American goldfinches (Carduelis tristis). No doubt the goldfinches were happy to see the last of their pushy, querulous cousins. The goldfinches are getting ready for the breeding season too. The males at the feeder look decidedly ratty as their new bright yellow summer feathercoats grow in.


The garden will be a surprise this year, as I wait to see what previous owners have planted. There are no bulbs showing their heads, but a sedum (maybe Autumn Joy), above, is pushing up shoots.


The blades of iris leaves are growing.


A hellebore is struggling to flower. It appears that someone dumped sand over it last fall, thus retarding its growth this spring.

March brought no more than a sprinkling of snow. As we begin April, hopefully I am done with the snow shovel for another year (the new, blue, Christmas snow shovel). Still, I though twice about putting it away. I’ve left it at the ready, just in case Winter isn’t done with us yet. Just in case Winter has one more last-minute snow storm up his sleeve. Why tempt him?


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