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Pink Moon: April


The April full moon, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, is called the Pink Moon. It is so named after wild ground phlox, one of the earliest flowers of spring. Clearly this is based on habitats south of here because there is no sign of wildflowers of any type here yet. The closest I could come to a pink flower today was this hellabore bud.


Not only are there no wildflowers painting the ground pink, the weather has been so cold that we have had sprinklings of snow turning the ground white!


Although it is not unusual to get a bit of snow in April, even a significant snow storm, the return of the white stuff has prompted a lot of muttering around the blogisphere. Over at NAMBI, Birdgirl is sitting watching snowflakes fall, waiting for the mothing season to get underway. At Naturespeak, Gerry is looking out over his computer screen at a gentle snowfall descending from the sky. Carolyn of Roundtop Ruminations , and Dave of Via Negativa observe that spring snow that comes when the onions are sprouting in the garden is called “Onion Snow”. Maybe this April full moon is the Onion Moon.


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