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We don’t have a dog, here at Willow House. This is partly out of consideration for the sensibilities of the cat population. They would not be amused. However, we do have a grandog who drops by from time to time. Raven belongs to Birdgirl, and readers of The Marvelous in Nature will recognize her from her regular appearances on that blog.


When Raven comes in the door, thoroughly excited to be someplace new, meeting new people, the cats disappear. They rush to their cat door leading to the basement and are scarcely seen or heard from for the duration until Raven departs and the house returns to the quiet, peaceful haven they are accustomed to. With the cats out of the picture, Raven can take advantage of the unused cat bed. Even though it is a bit small for her, Raven loves to curl up in the cat bed when the need for a nap overcomes her.


One of the pleasures Raven enjoys when she visits is being allowed to go outside on her own. At her home, the road is close at hand and letting her outside unsupervised would hold risks for her. However, Willow House is set well away from the road, with a wide open area where Raven can romp within view of the house. She can get lots of exercise without the need for a human to always walk her. When she comes back inside and is winding down, she likes to sprawl on a blanket on the chesterfield. It’s always fun to have the grandog visit.


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