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August full moon over corn field

The August full moon is celebrated in country and native lore as the Green Corn Moon. While the April full moon is called the Pink moon, there is precious little pink to be seen around here in April. Green Corn is a perfectly appropriate name for the August moon, however. It is amazing to learn that corn was being imported all the way from South Africa for milling in the early 20th century. Corn is now a commonplace crop, with some 21,000 corn producers in Ontario represented by the Ontario Corn Producers’ Association.

At this point in the summer, a drive along most any rural road will take you past at least a few fields of corn, reaching up six feet and more, with cobs of corn nestled against the stalks. Better still, a visit to a market or grocery store will offer an opportunity to bring home the first sweet corn of the season. Sweet corn, fresh from the field, boiled or barbecued in the husk, buttered, salted…mmmmm! Nothing like it!

Thank you to Birdgirl, who captured the Green Corn Moon on a recent visit, for the above photograph.


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