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Gracie and Carolyn

Although there are some country fairs across the summer months, September is when fair season starts in earnest. This weekend, we visited the Stormont County Fair in Newington. On the day we attended, the horse show featured classes for young riders in the morning. Gracie and Carolyn won the western Walk & Jog class. I liked the pony and rider below, who did a good job. They were 3rd in the English class.


How about this cutie, riding in the leadline English equitation class?


We watched the kids’ classes for a little while and then wandered over to the midway. Here, far away from Canada’s Wonderland, the midway is pretty popular. If you didn’t have a pony to ride in the horse show, you could always take a spin on the carousel.


When I visited the hairdresser last, the young woman cutting my hair confided that her kids always wanted to spend all their time at the midway, and she didn’t mind a ride or two herself. But not that Tilt-a-Whirl! Oh no! Too wild for her!


We visited the cow barn. This cow was keeping a close eye on the dude trimming its tail.


Sadly, there was no poultry at this fair. However, there was some excellent produce on display.


The school work display took me back to the days we used to attend our local fair and see our own kids’ work.


An exhibit listed as “Train Display” turned out to be Grandpa’s Fantasy Land, a model-train-layout-in-a-trailer. That’s Grandpa at the rear, tinkering with a display element.


The animals at the Petting Zoo were keeping busy, looking for handouts.


The weekend weather was about the best we’ve had all summer. It was a good day to visit the fair.


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