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New Rain Gear


We had some lovely weather in September, a sort of consolation prize for putting up with a very wet summer. October has seen a return to the rainy weather of the summer, however. I don’t worry about the horses getting damp when it is warm out, but as the temperature has been dropping to close to freezing, it is more of a concern. They have a shelter they can take cover in, but when an all-day drizzle sets in, they seem to become restless after a while and venture out into the damp.

Czarina had a nice, green rainsheet from last year, and I was able to dress her for the weather. She seems quite pleased with it, and posed in a traditional stance to have her picture taken, above. Mousie and Louis, however, had only winter blankets, which are still too warm for all-day wear, so this week I invested in rainsheets for them too.


Here’s Mousie in her new raincoat. It’s gray-black, with coral lining and piping, very stylish.


Check out the snazzy snap closures on the front, the front gusset, the reflective logo (WeatherBeeta), pretty cool, eh? It also features wither padding, full wrap tail flap, triple weave strength, and is waterproof and breathable. Or so the tags say.


Here’s Louis in his new mint and royal blue rainsheet. Unlike the horses, he grows a long, furry coat that helps protect him from the rain, but even he begins to feel the cold of an all-day drizzle.


I got everyone suited up in their new gear just before supper. They can enjoy their meal in comfort and settle down for a cozy night.


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