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There Goes the Bride by M.C. Beaton. Minotaur Books, 2009.

M.C. Beaton is an amazingly prolific writer. Granted, the Agatha Raisin series of British cozy mysteries isn’t a scholarly production. Nevertheless, I was impressed to find that a new Agatha Raisin entry had made it onto my local library shelf so soon after I read her last adventure. That was A Spoonful of Poison, reviewed on June 15th of this year.

In There Goes the Bride, James Lacey is back. To Agatha’s chagrin, he is engaged to much younger woman, the beautiful Felicity Bross-Tilkington, and jealous Agatha and her Carsely friends are all invited to the wedding. But it’s not all bad. At the Bross-Tilkington household, Agatha meets a charming Frenchman, Sylvan, and romantic possibilities seem imminent. Before James can say “I do!”, however, things go seriously wrong. When Felicity is late for her wedding, a search quickly reveals that she has been murdered. Mrs. Bross-Tilkington hires Agatha to investigate.

Soon Agatha and her gang are caught up in the investigation. Young Toni is back with Agatha’s firm, and, egged on by her jealousy of Toni’s youthful good-looks, Agatha is also on the hunt for a man, as she yearns for an abiding relationship, someone to call her own.

As always, There Goes the Bride is an entertaining, quick read. I am a bit weary of Agatha’s constant search for the perfect male, but there is a glimmer of hope in the closing chapter that Mr. Right may be on the horizon. I hope so. I’m ready for Agatha to find a new preoccupation.

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