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On January 1st, Ponygirl and I got the new year off to a good start by getting the girls out for a little winter ride.

Unfortunately, my arm has been sore with a minor injury, and Ponygirl kindly stepped in to saddle up both Mousie and her mount, Czarina.

Here’s Mousie, ready to go, waiting while Czarina is tacked up. Mousie is perfectly calm while in the barn and takes the getting-ready process in stride. Czarina, on the other hand, is tense and restless with excitement, making it difficult to get her saddle and bridle on.

Funnily enough, when we mount up, the situation is reversed. Once Czarina is outside and able to start moving, she calms right down and walks along nicely. Now it is Mousie who is excited to be out, puffing and prancing like a filly at every leaf blowing in the wind.

Czarina leads the way as we start a loop of the fields. The snow is about a foot deep, with a little bit of a crust on the surface, so it isn’t long before Mousie wears off her initial excitement.

The first day of the year was pleasant. After a stretch of very cold, minus 20°C days, the temperature has warmed up to minus 2°C, quite pleasant for a January day, and big, fat, sparkling snowflakes drifted down gently. We didn’t go far, just a loop around the property, and it wasn’t long before the horses were back in their field relaxing, our New Year’s Day tradition intact for another year. Thanks to Railguy for lending a hand and acting as photographer.

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