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For Christmas, Fiddlegirl’s sisters got her a papasan chair, a large, round, bowl-shaped seat that sits on a rattan stand. It was too big to wrap, and we all trooped out to the car on Christmas morning for the Big Reveal. Above, Fiddlegirl whips off the covering with a flourish. The cover for the seat pad was custom-made by Birdgirl and features a pattern of cheerful moose.

Fiddlegirl reports that once she had it set up at home, it quickly became a cat magnet. First Dactyl, her pretty, fluffy orange boy claimed it. Dactyl is so named for his extra thumb-like digit. He is just recovering from a health crisis, so perhaps has the better claim to the best seat in the house. However, his younger companion, Schroedinger, was not to be put off so easily.

Schrodinger is named for Schrodinger’s Cat, a paradoxical thought-experiment proposed by Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. If quantum physics interests you, you can read about Schrodinger’s Cat here. If Schrodinger looks familiar, the reason is that he is yet another of Momcat’s progeny. In fact, he looks a lot like Momcat herself.

The cats came to an understanding and Fiddlegirl reports they are now amiably sharing the new chair. In fact, the chair has even brought them closer together, in both senses of the word! Thanks to Fiddlegirl for sharing her cat tale.

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