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For the sake of completeness, I have to backtrack today and cover the January full moon, which occurred on January 30th. I have been recording the full moon every month since February, 2009, so the January 2010 moon completes the annual cycle. As it happened, I wasn’t at Willow House, but out in the Toronto area, so left the moon post until a convenient moment when I was back at my computer.

Watching the full moon rise isn’t as easy in town. You have to wait until it clears all the building roofs around you, unless you seek out a park or other clear area with a better view. Still, I did get quite a nice shot of the moon, taken from an apartment balcony.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Native Americans tracked the seasons by giving distinctive names to each of the full moons. There was some variation in the names, but in general, the same ones were current throughout the Algonquin tribes from New England to Lake Superior. The January full moon is traditionally the Wolf Moon, when wolf packs howl hungrily outside native villages. I listened, but didn’t hear a single wolf. In fact, even back at Willow House I wouldn’t have heard wolves, although their relatives, the coy-wolves, are quite vocal some nights. It’s a very spooky sound, eerie and strangely threatening. It’s easy to imagine how legends of wolf-men cropped up.

So that completes a year of full moons, with the exception of October, when overcast skies prevented even a glimpse of the full moon, and I posted about the Three Sisters instead. Below is a view of the January full moon with the surrounding vista.

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