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Have you seen those way-cute commercials for Dawn dishwashing liquid? Even the song, Wash Away, by Joe Purdy, sticks with you. Are those ads for real? I googled the commercials to see what information there is about them online. It seems that they were produced at the Los Angeles Oiled Bird Care and Education Center using International Bird Rescue Research Centre (IBRRC) staff from San Pedro. IBRRC has a blog posting about the commercial, posted on July 8, 2009. Recent posts have information about bird rescue work in the current Deepwater Horizon spill. There is also information about the rescue work at the International Bird Rescue website.

On the Dawn label, it says “1 Bottle can = $1 to Save Wildlife”. I didn’t initially notice the fine print. If you look a bit closer, it says “Must visit http://www.dawnsaveswildlife.ca to activate donation”. I visited the website and found that you must enter a code number that is stamped on the back of the bottle. If you choose to support this program, don’t forget to visit the website and enter your number.

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