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I’ve had a lazy week, as far as blog posting goes, anyway. However, I wanted to post on last weekend’s Field Day before the next weekend arrives! It was the annual spring event of the Leeds County Draft Horse Club. Railguy and I attended last year, and dropped by to watch for a while again last Saturday.

I love seeing the teams at work, showing off the skill and training that goes into the partnership of horses and driver. Below, are Nate and Dutch, waiting for their turn.

It amazes me, how patiently they stand. Dutch is the black, Nate, the grey.

This pair were a more compact size than Dutch and Nate. They show the distinctive chestnut colour and sturdy build of Haflingers, a versatile breed developed in Austria in the late 1800s.

Their names are Duke and Doc.

This team’s owner…that’s him in the red…told me he has owned his two mares all their lives. They’re 15 and 18 now. He was very proud of his girls, and said that the work they were doing at the Field Day just scratched the surface of their impressive skills. Now that he is nearly 80 years old, though, someone else is walking behind the plow.

That’s Robin on the left, and her partner, Jenny.

This team of handsome blacks, Canadians probably, were giving wagon rides. There was also a wagon pulled by much smaller horses!

I’ll close with this lovely pair of Canadians.

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