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On Saturday evening, the newest member of the Willow House Gang arrived. He’s a one-year-old grey and white donkey. His name is Teddy.

For some time now, I’ve had an eye out for a potential pal for Louis. Sure, he has the horses for company, but sometimes I thought he seemed a bit sad, lonely. After all, a horse is just not a donkey, and while Louis gets along fine with the horses, I thought he might be happier with a mate of his own. A week ago, I saw an advertisement for a donkey that seemed like a possible candidate. I went to visit him and decided he might be just the donkey for Louis. Right now, he is the same size as Louis, but as he is only a year old, Teddy will probably grow a bit more. Not toooo much, I hope.

Louis is a cross between a standard and a mini donkey, so isn’t quite as big as Teddy is likely to be. However, he has the advantage of superior age and wisdom. I’m sure Louis knows all the Aesop’s fables.

As Teddy arrived in the evening, Louis and the horses were all in the barn, and Teddy was given the fourth stall, beside Louis. I figured a quiet night would be just the thing to help him get over his “new home” jitters. But first, Louis was introduced to his new friend and they had their first chance to touch noses. They were cordial.

Ponygirl, below, came to greet the new arrival and help get him settled in. We’re all looking forward to getting to know Teddy better. Welcome to your new home, Teddy!

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