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The Girls Meet Teddy

Teddy and Louis have their own little pasture to themselves for the moment, while everyone adjusts to the new status quo. When the horses were turned out, they rushed over to the paddock to check out the new arrival. Above, Mousie stretches over the fence to sniff Teddy.

Czarina, who is fond of Louis, took her time visiting with Teddy.

After a little visit, Mousie was satisfied and ready to move on. She trotted off, fully expecting, no doubt, that Czarina would follow her lead. “Come on! Let’s go check out the grass in our field!”

Part way out to the field, she stopped and looked back. Czarina was still visiting with the donkeys. Mousie waited patiently.

“Oh, for Pete’s sake! It’s a donkey! Now let’s go!” But Czarina wasn’t to be persuaded. She stayed close to the donkeys’ paddock most of the day, and Mousie, being a loyal companion, was forced to return. She settled for eating hay close by. By the evening, the bugs had convinced Czarina that, donkey or no donkey, she needed to follow Mousie back to the barn. Soon, the donkeys came back inside too, and everyone spent the night together in the barn.

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