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St. Francis among the hostas

I think hostas are a bit of an acquired taste. They don’t have the flashy appeal of hollyhocks and tulips and roses and other colourful flowers. It took me a while to come to appreciate their more subtle nature. As a new gardener, I started my first flower plot on the sunny side of the house and slowly worked my way around the perimeter of the house until I reached the shady regions. That’s when I started growing hostas and learned to love them.

Here at Willow House, I was lucky enough to acquire an extensive collection of mature hostas. My favorites are the big specimens, with huge leaves arranged in a graceful mound. I’m still developing my appreciation for the smaller varieties. Now that we are creeping into the summer months, the hostas are looking lush. Here is a selection of the hostas in the garden:

Frances Williams

Paul's Glory

Blue Angel

Krossa Regal

Sum and Substance

Love Pat



Hostas with trollius (globeflower) and heuchera (coral bells)

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