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On Monday, Birdgirl and I visited Kiwi Gardens. At the entrance, visitors are greeted by a set of giant rabbits. Hares, in fact. A sign that displays information about the rabbits tells viewers that the hares are inspired by folk art lawn shadow ornaments.

Hares and Squares is intended to express visually the impact of alien species as represented by the giant European Hares (hares were introduced into Ontario in the early 20th century) on native biodiversity. The large squres represent the urban landscape intruding into the natural world.

The sign concludes with a question: How do we recognize when we have travelled too far beyond our boundaries, especially the limits of our place in nature? Hares and Squares asks us to continually explore and consider how human intervention impacts ecological health and ultimately our own well-being.

Certainly, ongoing disasters such as the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the Alberta Tarsands project suggest we have seriously overstepped the limits of reasaonable impact.

Hares and Squares is a project of Fieldwork land art exploration: http://www.fieldworkproject.com.

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