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Take Time to Smell the Roses

Planted along the walk to the front door of Willow House is a hedge of Dart’s Dash roses. I wrote a bit about these roses a year ago in a post titled A Rose by Any Other Name. Now it is a year later, the roses are once again in bloom, and their scent is as lovely as ever.

The roses are adored by bees. It is funny to stand by the bushes and listen to them. They aren’t content with just settling on the flowers gently. They wiggle and squirm and buzz loudly with their faces shoved deep into the centre of the rose.

RailGuy and I are heading out for a few days of vacation to smell some different roses. We are travelling east, into the Gaspe region of Quebec, and will be stopping at Reford Gardens (Les Jardins des Metis). Elsie Reford began work on her garden in the summer of 1926. The gardens that she created over the next 30 years were opened to the public in 1962. It’s always inspiring to witness someone’s vision and I’m excited about our visit.

While we’re gone, Birdgirl has kindly agreed to look after the animals here. We’ll be back next week. Look for some travel posts in the future!

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