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On our recent trip, we didn’t dedicate any time to birdwatching, per se, but everywhere we stopped, there were birds to be seen. On the evening we were in Rimouski, we enjoyed the view of the St. Lawrence river provided by observation platforms. The tide was going out and there were lots of Great Blue Herons strolling along the shore where the water was receding, fishing and feeding.

That evening, we ate supper at St. Hubert’s, a restaurant chain that specializes in chicken. I noticed that the nearby church featured a rooster on its steeple. Coincidence?

The next evening, we had a picnic supper seated on the rocks by the St. Lawrence shore at Cap Chat.

Later, we walked along the beach. This Savannah Sparrow kept an eye on us.

On our way to Percé, we stopped in the town of Gaspé and enjoyed our coffee from Tim’s down by the water.

While we were relaxing by the water, we watched the loons.

The town of Percé is famous for its Northern Gannet colony on Bonaventure Island. We didn’t take the boat tour out to see them, but spotted this Cliff Swallow nest while walking up to a lookout point.

This Herring Gull was keeping an eye on activity form a town rooftop.

This pair of cormorants were fishing just offshore.

We also saw this moose in downtown Percé.

When we stopped in a picnic area near New Richmond, this Bobolink was singing in the treetops.

Who wouldn’t sing, with a view like this?

American Robins are ubiquitous. This one was spotted in the New Brunswick Botanical Garden at Edmundston.

These young mallards were ornamenting a garden pond. (Correction! Black Ducks. See comments. Thanks, Birdgirl!)

This Tree Swallow sat so still that I was uncertain whether he was real or a decorative figure. He was real. The next day, we headed home via Quebec City. Below is a scene from the New Brunswick Botanical Gardens.

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