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Have Mug Will Travel

Like many Canadian cars, our vehicle has a habit of veering off the road and into the parking lot whenever we pass a Tim’s. Well, not every time. Then you’d never get anywhere. But at appropriately spaced washroom-break intervals. This can add up to quite a few cups of coffee over the course of our travels, and we like to use refillable mugs. The problem is finding just the right travel mug.

It used to be, fifteen, twenty years ago, that travel mugs were simple plastic affairs. I used to carry one with me strung on the strap of my handbag. Not too classy, but convenient. Nowadays, travel mugs are huge. We’ve moved on as a society, it seems to insulated mugs. Heavy duty stainless steel mugs that would withstand a terrorist attack. If you have an accident en route (God forbid!), you may not survive but your travel mug surely will.

I have an assortment of travel mugs in the cupboard. There are a couple of standard-issue Tim’s mugs. I like the Animal Rescue mug I received as a gift a few years ago. It was purchased from TheAnimalRescueSite.com, a cause that I certainly support. And I like this cowboy-themed mug. Yippee-ki-yay! Unfortunately, the ribbon of trim along the base prevents this mug from fitting into a car cup holder.

And how about this gourmet chicken? A very home-style-chic chick.

The trouble is, I don’t want my coffee to stay hot for the duration of my journey. I want it to cool down enough so that I can drink it now, or in the immediately foreseeable future. I don’t want a size XXL refill. Especially when travelling in washroom-challenged regions, a medium or even a small is plenty. And I prefer a thin lip to drink from. I realize this makes me out of step with the rest of the travelling, mug-totting world.

Imagine my delight, then, when we stopped at the little park souvenir store and tuck shop at Parc National de la Gasp├ęsie and I spotted this little gem on the shelf. I snatched it up and raced to the cashier. Four dollars. What a bargain. While it doesn’t fit into the car’s cup holder, it fits perfectly into a little cubbyhole on the dash where it is stable and within easy reach. No insulation. Thin lip. Holds small refill. Finding the perfect travel mug? Priceless!


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