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Turkey Visitors

For the last week or so, a little flock of turkeys has been dropping by in the afternoon to snack at the bird feeder. There are usually four adult birds and 5 youngsters.

The adults are more forthright and gather under the feeder.

The little turkeys hang back and hide behind bushes at the garden edge. Do the adults give them some signal? Okay, you can come out now! The coast is clear!

Cautiously, they enter the yard.

They hesitate. I’m sure they spot me at the window, even though I am standing back from the opening. Sharp eyes!

They decide I am not a threat and meander over to join the adults under the feeder.

They are so amazingly big, it seems funny, surprising, to see them grazing in the yard. I could watch them for a long time, but I have other things waiting for me to attend to. When I leave the window, they are still quietly foraging.

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