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Like most rural residents, we have a standard mailbox. I chose this particular model because it was the largest box I could find. I wanted a mailbox that would be big enough for the mail lady to leave my online book orders in, thus saving me a drive to the post office to pick them up. It has served admirably in that capacity. If you look closely, you’ll see that a statement inscribed on the front panel notes that this mailbox was approved by the postmaster general. I was a bit surprised by this. I would have thought the postmaster general would be too busy with other matters to personally approve mailboxes, but there you go.

You can drive up and down rural roads for miles and not come across anything unusual in mailboxes. Old boxes, new boxes, rusty boxes, big ones and little ones, but all pretty much your standard rectangular box. So I was delighted when this chicken box appeared at the end of a driveway not far from here.

Isn’t that a beauty? I admire it every time I drive by. Here are a few other interesting boxes.

The Woods have a dog to guard their mail.

This truck was lovingly crafted. There are even curtains in the back of the cab, dividing off the sleeper compartment. Sadly, the truck could use a trip to the body shop for a touch up. The house is for sale. Perhaps new owners will give it a coat of fresh paint.

Out along the road that follows the St. Lawrence river, fish are popular. Sort of mini-whales, swallowing mail instead of Jonah. There’s this one…

And this one.

This last box has a different twist. It is a lure rather than a fish. Perhaps the owners are hoping to catch cheques instead of bills and flyers.

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