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Summer Project

For a change from reading, I took up my crochet hook and enjoyed working on this little afghan.

As a young woman, I experimented with numerous different handiwork projects: crewelwork, embroidery, sewing, rug-hooking, knitting. I haven’t undertaken any of those various creative crafts in a long while. Crocheting, however, I stuck with. Over the years, I’ve crocheted many afghans, large ones, small ones, single-weight or double. Pretty much everyone in my family has at least one afghan!

For this simple project, I just went with a standard granny square, so easy I can work the squares with minimal attention while watching TV, no pattern needed. It’s baby-size, or lap size, just 36 x 48 inches. I chose the colours to represent sky, sea, flowers, grass and earth.

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