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Annual Colour

Most of my garden plants are perennials, but for a hit of season-long colour, you can’t beat annuals. As my garden has matured, I have less space for annuals but there are still a few rough corners that annuals fill perfectly. The purple salvia, above, lines the new garden path and looks great against a background of bright pink phlox.

In a hot, dry corner, portulaca shines. It’s easy to see why portulaca is sometimes called Moss Rose with its pretty, rose-like flowers. The colours are amazing. It’s a carefree, easy-to-grow plant.

The complex, spidery flowers of cleome, held on tall stems, add interest to the mid-summer border. Since I first discovered this plant years ago, my garden has rarely been without it.

With their open, ferny foliage, cosmos make a great filler for spaces between perennials. This vivid pink is a real eye-catcher. Cosmos last well into the fall, surviving several frosts before finally succumbing to approaching winter.

White cosmos look crisp and fresh against the blue-green foliage of “Prairie Sky” switchgrass.

Finally, here are the sunflowers. I can’t take credit for these, though I do usually plant a few. These ones were planted by the birds! They have grown up around the bird feeder, where I put out a mix of seeds every day. They look so good that next year I plan on giving the birds a hand and expanding the sunflower patch.

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