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It’s a Beautiful Day

You want to what?

It’s a beautiful day
Don’t let it get away

You’re on the road but you’ve got no destination…

Yep, that was us on Sunday.  Ponygirl made it over to Willow House for a visit and we filled our beautiful day with a ride on the girls.  We were on the road, no destination, just out to enjoy the fabulous, early fall weather.

The girls don’t get out too much. I don’t feel too bad about this because at 17 and 20 they are past their youth and enjoying life as pasture ornaments. Ponygirl, on the other hand, leads a hectic life and it is a real treat when she can get away and spend an hour on horseback with me.

This is no easy matter. First, you have to catch the horses. They’re arabians. They have attitude, and plenty of it. Twenty? Seventeen? Growing old gracefully? HA! They can kick up their heels like two-year-olds. There is nothing Mousie likes better than a game of tag. She loves to lead you on a merry chase, tail held high at full mast, nostrils flared, snorting with imaginary fright. Czarina, on the other hand, is just plain loco.

Some trauma from earlier in her life, or maybe she was just born this way, causes her to react with anxiety to any change in her regular routine, breaking out in a profuse sweat. Once I had Mousie cornered, she came along quietly, and Czarina followed. We tacked up as quickly as possible for Czarina’s sake, and headed out.

Once resigned to the inevitable, Mousie settles right down. Oddly, Czarina is on edge until her rider mounts, and then she calms down too, and settles into a quiet, long-striding walk, apparently quite happy to be seeing a bit of the world beyond her pasture.

We followed the fenceline down to the forest and took the trail south through the trees. It was very pretty in the woods, almost jungle-like by this time of the year. However, deerflies were still about and bothering the horses, so we headed back to the open field.

We made a circuit of the fields. The girls stopped to grab a mouthful of grass here and there.

Then we followed the road up past the neighbour’s soybean fields. The plants are starting to die back already. It seems like the field was just planted a few weeks ago! Then we headed back to the barn, content with our little outing. Once they wrapped their minds around the idea, the horses seemed to enjoy it too. It was a beautiful day. We didn’t let it get away.

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