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Dear Mousie is Cold


Mousie's Blankie

Jack Frost’s wintry breathe is beginning to blow our way. The temperature has dropped dramatically from the hot, hot days we were experiencing only a few weeks ago. Poor Mousie has trouble with the shoulder seasons, the transitions between summer and winter. While all her barnmates seem to scarcely notice the changing temperature, Mousie inevitably goes through a few weeks when the cold weather gets ahead of her winter hair growth. When I went out to the barn one morning earlier this week, I found my little girl shivering with cold. So now I have added a light blanket to our evening routine. Just enough to keep her from getting chilled.

It must be her hot, desert-bred arabian blood. In fact, their desert-bred genes help arabian horses cope with the heat more readily than other breeds. Arabians can out-perform all other breeds on a long march because of their superior ability to dissipate body heat. Fifty and 100 mile competitive endurance rides are dominated by arabians. But a cold Ontario winter is a far cry from the desert sun. The Iceman cometh!

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