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Grape Focaccia


Dough ingredients

On Tuesday, the day dawned grey and cold. My plans for working in the garden, doing some fall cleanup, were dashed. I decided to use some of my unexpected free time to do a little baking. In particular, I thought I’d try the grape focaccia that was featured on North Coast Muse recently. The post caught my eye when it made the Freshly Pressed page at WordPress.com. Muse, in her turn, was inspired by a post at Smitten Kitchen.


Ingredients mixed and kneaded and ready for rising

When I first moved to a rural home, many long years ago, there were Concord grapes growing on the property. You can only eat so many Concord grapes, and in searching for a use for this bounty, I discovered Concord grape pie. Grape pie went on to become a family favorite, and now my three daughters all make their own grape pie. There is also a grape-vine here at Willow House and it produced quite well this year. I don’t know what variety it is, but the grapes are similar to Concords, but a bit smaller and seedless.


Dough after rising, ready to punch down and divide

I subscribe to the KISS school of cooking, and so chose to use a recipe I’ve already tried out for the focaccia. It’s very straightforward. It makes enough dough for two eight inch circles. I topped one with grapes and a touch of sugar (I didn’t have any rosemary on hand) and topped the second with a mix of onions, olives and parmesan cheese.


Dough divided and topped and ready to bake

While the dough was rising and baking, I made potato soup with the new potatoes from the garden and we had soup and focaccia for supper. Here’s the onion-olive focaccia.


Onion-olive focaccia

And here’s the grape focaccia. They were both delicious!


Grape focaccia

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