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Autumn Lament


There’s no denying it. Autumn is officially here. Everywhere, there are signs that summer is over and a change is well underway. The most conspicuous sign of fall, the changing of the leaves to their last show of colour, has begun. Winter certainly has its own charm, a season of deep calm and peace, the hectic growth of summer sleeping under the snow. But it’s hard to let go of summer. Here’s an ode to the changing season by that well-known writer, Anon.


Autumn Lament

The winds have strewn the earth with withered leaves,
The last belated flowers fade and die.
The rain is dripping sadly from the eaves,
And off the shore is heard the seagull’s cry.

Glad songs that tuned the morning now are silent,
Summer is over, summer is over,
Swallow and thrush have sung goodbye.

The fields that show’d so lately gold and green,
Surrender all their hues to frosty nights.
A mist is slowly creeping o’er the scene
That scarce a day ago was bathed in light.

Warm zephyrs now give way to blasts of autumn;
Winter is coming, winter is coming,
Summer has sung her last goodnight.


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