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The Chimes Tower and waterfall are located in the southwest of the Longwood grounds. The pond and waterfall have a very natural look, but the hillside and waterfall were constructed in 1929. There is a 90,000-gallon underground reservoir located above the cliff. It supplies the 50-foot waterfall that cascades into a shallow basin and together with the reservoir, the water system holds 675,000 gallons of water and supports the Longwood Fountain Garden. Signs by the pond point visitors in the direction of the Eye of Water.


The Chimes Tower was constructed using stone excavated from the hillside and was inspired by a structure in France. Following the pathway around the pond to the tower, you can climb up stairs in the lower interior and rejoin a path up the hillside. The 61-foot tower houses a 62-bell carillon that plays scheduled concerts. We continued upward in our quest for the Eye of Water.


At the top of the hill, the path borders a quickly flowing stream. As you cross the footbridge, a pavilion stands to your left. You climb a few steps up to the pavilion and there it is, the Eye of Water. It’s situated over the reservoir that feeds the waterfall and water surges out of the centre of the eye. It is at once fascinating, mesmerizing and just a little bit creepy!


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