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After Diva and Ivory had a couple of days to settle into their new digs, Ponygirl and I were anxious to check out the trails. On Sunday, we saddled up and enjoyed our first survey of the new area.


Diva has a long, groundcovering stride and likes to be in the lead. Ivory is happy to stroll along behind, so with Diva showing the way, we set out to explore the trail network that crisscrosses some 140 acres of mixed meadow and forest.


From the barn, a driveway leads through woods and opens into hayfields. As we approached the first field we could see that someone else was already there: deer! More than half a dozen white-tails bounded gracefully away at our approach, their namesake tails raised like flags as they disappeared into the forest.


The sun was shining, but a skyfull of white clouds often blocked its warmth and a cool breeze was blowing. Still, it was pleasant to be riding throught the fall landscape.


The brilliant goldenrod is finished for another year, and the trees now outshine the browning fields. Chickadees and woodpeckers and small, migrating warblers flitted among the branches.


The horses took everything in stride. Even a Great Blue Heron, rising up suddenly from a streamside didn’t startle them.


In an hour or so, we were back at the barn. After unsaddling, a quick grooming and a couple of carrots, Diva and Ivory were back in their field and Ponygirl and I were ready for some hot coffee.


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