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Along with the squash, I also planted some Atlantic Giant pumpkins. Just two pumpkins developed, but oh! What pumpkins! With the holiday weekend upon us, Railguy carried them up to the front porch to decorate the entrance for visitors. We weighted them on the scale and the larger of the two weighed 61 pounds, with its smaller sibling registering 57 pounds.


Buddy checks out the 61 pound pumpkin

I didn’t do anything special to encourage my giants. Expert giant pumpkin-growers feed their vines and protect the pumpkins and otherwise do their utmost to produce a giant specimen. You can even buy a book of tips if you’re interested in reaching the upper echelons of giant pumpkin production: How to Grow World-class Giant Pumpkins II, by Don Langevin. I was pretty satisfied with 61 pounds.


Buddy and the 57 pound pumpkin


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