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When we were driving down through New York state on our way to Pennsylvania last month, we saw a moose standing by the side of the road.  He was a big moose and he was casually watching the traffic go by, unperturbed by the vehicles intruding into his domain.  On the contrary, he seemed to be expecting company and we stopped and said hello.


Quite the looker, isn’t he?  A sign nearby told us that we had found Frog Pond Farm, and the moose was part of a folk art menagerie.  I looked Frog Pond Farm up when I got home and enjoyed seeing their diverse creations featured on their website, FERROart.  When we returned to the road, I glanced back.  The moose was still standing their, majestic green hills rolling out behind him.  He seemed a bit forlorn to see us go.


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