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Buddy in a Box

Buddy is an utterly charming young fellow who devoted his summer to taking our hearts hostage. He arrived one day in the spring, a jaunty, devil-may-care rake with a handsome white tuxedo front accenting his grey striped coat. Our resident cat population was harder to win over than we mere humans. They didn’t take to this new kid on the block, and were especially put off by his confident tomcat demeanour.

Once it was clear that Buddy had checked us out and decided he was moving in, we hurried him in for a visit with the vet. Buddy was in no way discombobulated by this turn of events and gave no indication of being put out by his minor surgery. It did help to smooth the waters with the other cats, though. The veterinarian guessed Buddy to be about a year and a half old.

One of Buddy’s people-charming tricks involves boxes. Buddy loves sitting in boxes or napping in boxes. The photograph above shows Buddy curled up in a shoe box beside my computer desk where he keeps me company. I bet he wishes I wore a slightly bigger shoe size.

We don’t know where Buddy came from. It seems likely that he is the offspring of barn cats and was perhaps chased away from his home by the resident Tom. Buddy was lucky to find a new family. Many, many feral cats live short, tough lives filled with hardship. Animal shelters are often bursting at the seams with unwanted cats and kittens. The planet has way too many people and way too many cats. It’s difficult to solve overpopulation issues where humans are involved. With cats, the answer is easy. Please have your cat spayed or neutered and keep them at home where they are safe. Help make every cat a beloved indoor cat.


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