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On Saturday, a storm moved through our area. It wasn’t as ferocious as some winter storms, but left behind about 6 inches or more of snow as the precipitation continued all day. The photographs featured in yesterday’s Sunday Snapshot were taken on a jaunt into town for groceries. The roads were slippery and snow-covered and I was glad to get back home and install myself in front of the fireplace for the remainder of the day!

Sunday was an overcast but not unpleasant day, with the temperature sitting around -10°C. The temperature began to drop as night fell, and I put a second winter blanket on little Mousie to keep her warm. When I first looked at the thermometer outside the kitchen window this morning, it was -30°C. By 9.30, when I took the photo, above, it had warmed up to -28°!


The world looked bright and sparkly when I ventured outside to look after my various chores. I was disinclined to linger and enjoy it, however! I put out extra seed for the birds because it is on very cold days that bird feeders are most beneficial. Even in deep snow, birds are able to forage for seeds and manage quite well. But when the temperature reached extremes, the cost of foraging, in terms of energy used, rises substantially. It can take more energy to forage than is gained back through the food acquired. Having a readily available source of food lets birds conserve their energy reserves for the vital task of keeping warm. For more on how birds keep warm, visit my post from last January, Birdie, It’s Cold Outside! I’m returning to the fireside now.


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