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Welcome, Remington!


We are welcoming another doggie to the family circle. The newest member of our furry extended family is a 4 month old puppy named Remington, who has joined Ponygirl’s household. We went up and visited both of them on Saturday.


What a handsome young fellow this tri-coloured Welsh Corgi is! He has been very well behaved and is settling into his new home nicely. Birdgirl was visiting this weekend and enjoyed meeting the puppy too.


Remy has been getting to know the two cats, who weren’t too entertained by his arrival. Ponygirl took him out to the barn to meet the horses, too. Poor Remy hardly knew what to make of these giants! He knows for certain that he loves walking with Ponygirl, though, and come the summer, Ponygirl is looking forward to having a jogging partner.


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