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It was a quiet weekend. No mudpuppies. No regular puppies even. No visitors. On Sunday, the weather was dull and grey. It didn’t encourage outdoor activities. I decided it was a good afternoon to try out a recipe I bookmarked ages ago, early in the winter. It’s a recipe for Apple Walnut Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes posted by Can You Stay For Dinner. I might not have taken note of the recipe were it not for the commentary that accompanies it, in which the author shares her favorite emails, received from her mother. If you’re a mom, drop on by and enjoy the post for yourself, even if you don’t bake.


It’s the scent of the cinnamon that makes sticky rolls so irresistible, I think. I don’t spend a lot of time shopping in malls, but just before Christmas, I usually make one or two forays into the crush. The combination of tired feet, cold weather waiting outside, and the delicious smell of cinnamon wafting out into the aisle make it hard to give Cinnabon a pass.

Can You Stay gives very complete directions, and I had no trouble putting together these rolls. I was a bit skeptical about the cupcake part, but it actually worked out well. The paper liner catches the drippy, gooey leaks and keeps things tidy. I think I should have waited longer before applying the glaze, which promptly melted, but who can wait? RailGuy and I each had a roll with our tea as soon as they were cool enough to eat. Delicious!


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