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Footwear: Before and After


We’re at that awkward, in-between period when the snow hasn’t yet disappeared, and every night the ground freezes solid, yet by mid-day, the sun has melted big, muddy puddles that are sure to make snow boots leak. It’s about time for the footwear switchover. My rubber boots from last year had cracked and sprung a leak and I went out this weekend to buy a new pair so that I will be ready for mud season. These days, rubber boots are “in”, sort of, and I could have chosen from an assortment of printed boots. However, all that finery costs money. Eleven dollars, to be exact. I went with the tried-and-true basic black Wellies and kept that extra money in my pocket. Now I’m ready for whatever spring brings.

For an interesting history of Wellington’s boots, visit Truth in Fiction.


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