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Here’s Ivory, all dressed up in her nice, clean shipping wraps. All dressed up and with somewhere to go. Last weekend, Ivory and Diva came home to Willow House.


Back when we lived in the Toronto area, all 4 horses shared the same little barn. Diva and Czarina never saw eye to eye, however, and they were pastured separately. When Ponygirl moved to the Ottawa region a few years ago, Diva and Ivory went with her. Then Czarina and Mousie moved to Willow House. With appropriate fencing and stable space in place, Diva and Ivory are rejoining Mousie and Czarina, albeit in separate pastures.


The arrival of two new horses had the little herd on high alert. Noses met across the fence. Neighs rang out. For several days, all the horses spent all day, every day, standing along the fenceline. Finally, the new is wearing off.

Yesterday, my little crew all retired to a sunny spot in the field to relax together. The donkeys have displayed no more than a mild interest since the outset. New horses? Big deal. Meanwhile, Diva and Ivory have settled in enough to wander down their field and hang out with the hay supply. Willow House is beginning to feel like home.


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