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Showers and Flowers


This weekend, it rained and it rained. After it had finished raining, it rained some more. The temperature was cool enough that every now and then, the rain became flakes of snow, and we even had a bit of hail thrown in for good measure. Yeah, yeah, April showers bring May flowers, but we want warmth and sun and we want it now! Still, we don’t have to wait till May for at least a few flowers. The snowdrops, above, have been out for a while, and the scilla and crocus will be open soon. Other flowers that bloom from bulbs are well on their way too.


They’re not the first flowers though. The violas, above have been blooming for several weeks. I’ve really enjoyed their brilliant petals, which stand out against the drab earth. The classiest flowers blooming right now, and arguably the stars of the early spring garden are the hellebores.


I have several varieties that feature these deep rosy wine flowers, very pretty. Just yesterday, though, I noticed that a white variety I planted last year has put forth a lovely display of sweet, gently speckled blooms with attractive green throats.


How brave they are! Nestled amongst a bed of last year’s leaves, they let one hope that the rain will pass and sunny days lie waiting just around the bend.


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