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This winter, a new mural appeared on a wall in the town of Prescott. From a distance, it has a pixellated look.


As you move closer, the pixels begin to resolve into separate images until, as you draw close to the mural, you can see that they are actually individual photographs! The mural is composed of over 3000 photographs.


The photos are of the people of Prescott, involved in all manner of activities: celebrating birthdays, riding horses, sitting with pets, playing baseball. The mural is titled The Prescott People’s Place and was unveiled on December 18th, 2010. It commemorates the 200th anniversary of the town of Prescott.


Some of the photographs are of historical significance. Several rows feature past mayors of Prescott. The historic buildings illustrated by the mural are Victoria Hall and St. John’s Market. The cornerstone for the Old Town Hall was laid on August 15, 1874 and the market building was constructed in 1876. Both buildings were demolished in 1960. They’ve been gone for over 50 years now. I don’t know why they were demolished, but it seems like a terrible loss. The space they once occupied is now a parking lot.


The sign post, which from a distance appears to be freestanding, is actually incorporated right into the mural. The People’s Place is a wonderful commemoration of the town’s anniversary.


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