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Little Stinker


I had been working in the garden. I needed a tool I had left by the house, and stood up to walk back and retrieve it. As I headed up the yard, I was startled to see this little fellow, ambling about on the lawn in front of me! A little skunklet, less than half the size of a full-grown skunk, he (she?) was busy checking out areas of open soil where I had been digging. I guess he was hoping to find a nice juicy grub. You can see what fine claws he is equipped with to help with his search.


As I approached, he turned to face me, raising his tail and stamping his tiny feet. It was comical, this show of bravado from one so small, but I took his warning seriously and wasn’t tempted to move in closer. I gave him a wide berth as I carried on down the yard, and the two of us hung out in the garden amiably for much of the afternoon. I’ve spotted him a few times since, or it could be that a sibling is also working this plot. Skunks have a ‘live and let live’ sort of philosophy, at least if you are not a grub or other tasty morsel. Life is tough, out in the wild, and I wish him well.


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