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Over the last week, a new garden project has been underway, adding a little pond. Here’s grandog Remy surveying the site where weeds are about to be cleared away.


Making a small pond is pretty straightforward. This one is about 5 feet by 7, and just a foot or so deep at the middle. Pond liner is readily available at garden centres.


Once a hollow has been dug out, you just have to lay the liner and secure the edges with flat stones.


A little waterfall circulates the water.


A few plants and ornaments decorate the pond.


It will take a while for the pondside planting to establish itself. I also added a branch to give a natural look to the pond.


It’s amazing how soon the pond was discovered. Within an hour of adding water, a Water Strider was skittering over the surface. It wasn’t much longer before the frogs arrived. Now we have a new hobby. Each time we pass by the pond, we stop to see how many frogs we can spot. The highest count so far is ten!


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Tuscawilla Princess

Tuscawilla Princess (Hansen 1990)

Here’s what’s new in the daylily patch today. The name of each daylily cultivar is followed by the hybridizer and the year the daylily was registered or introduced.

Chesapeake Crablegs

Chesapeake Crablegs (Reed 1994)

Earth Angel

Earth Angel (Stamile 1987)

Dallas Star

Dallas Star (Ferris 1976)

Rosella Sheridan

Rosella Sheridan (Spalding 1976)

Prague Spring

Prague Spring (Lambert 1989)

Dragon Dreams

Dragon Dreams (Salter 1991)

Anne Evan

Anne-Evan (Yancey 1985)

Electric Man

Electric Man (Culver 2007)

Willow Wind

Willow Wind (Bryant 1987)

Mystical Rainbow

Mystical Rainbow (Stamile 1988)

Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box (Talbott 1982)

Geneva Firetruck

Geneva Firetruck (Hansen 2000)

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