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Garden Stroller


When I glanced out the window yesterday evening, I was surprised to see someone strolling in the garden…a turkey! The big bird seemed to be on its own, and appeared to be enjoying the floral display. It casually paced up and down the yard before disappearing into undergrowth at the side of the lawn. Although we do occasionally have a small flock of turkeys drop by to check out the bird feeder, I don’t put out seed in the summer, and haven’t had any turkey visitors in quite a while.

Today it was hot, hot, hot. Like much of the continent, we have been caught up in a major heat wave. Over a dozen daytime heat records were broken across southern Ontario and southern Quebec, and in Ottawa, the temperature climbed to 36, with the accompanying high humidity resulting in a Humidex reading of 45 degrees C (113 F). No gardening today!


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