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Wheeeee! The first tomatoes are ripe! After the blooming of the daylilies, the first tomato is probably the most celebrated event in my garden. It’s something I wait all year for, that first taste of a real, honest-to-goodness, store-free, garden fresh, sun-warmed 100% delicious tomato! I picked the first beauties on Thursday August 18th. Last year, I was slow getting my little plants into the ground in the spring, and didn’t start to harvest tomatoes until the beginning of September. I did a bit better this year.

These nicely-shaped round tomatoes, not too big, a bit smaller than a tennis ball, are Jaune Flammé (also known as just Flammé). This is an heirloom variety that originated with Norbert Perreira of Helliner, France. Flammé deserves full marks for appearance, with a pleasing globular shape and bright orange colour. The fruits grown in clusters of six or eight. I brought several into the kitchen and sliced them up. Then…that first sublime taste. Wonderful! Not just a pretty face, the Flammés have a very pleasing flavour. They are nice and juicy and a satisfying balance between sweet and tart. I would grow this variety again.

Still in waiting in the garden are four more heirloom varieties. Can’t wait to try them too.


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