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My favorite meditation on the changing of the seasons was written by a fellow blogger, Carolyn H, who maintains her blog Roundtop Ruminations from her cabin in the forests of Pennsylvania. She notes that at this time of year, you have a foot in two seasons. As you look around, you will still see plenty of signs of summer but fall is here.

Fall is here, but traces of summer remain. The two sit side by side sometimes, like good friends or at least like familiar adversaries of long standing.

Today, it reminds me, a little, of different generations, of how the new generation gradually takes over from the older one. And then one day, only the newer remains and life is different than it was before.

This beautiful image has lodged in my memory and I think of it whenever the seasons change. Thank you, Carolyn, for sharing this. You can read Carolyn’s full post here.


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