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I don’t have a compost bin. Since I have horses, and a never-ending supply of quality manure, I just add my kitchen scraps to the manure pile and let it go at that. The up side of this is that you never know what you may find growing come summer. Some of the discarded seeds from kitchen preparations are sure to sprout, and squash are especially enthusiastic about this sowing method. There was a fine tangle of squash vines rambling over the aging manure this summer. The cool nights we’ve been experiencing have caused the vine leaves to die back, revealing the hidden treasures. This year, there are three big pumpkins. This is very odd because I have no idea how they got there. I gave the pumpkins I grew last year away.


I say pumpkin, but they could be some sort of giant squash. Even so, it’s a puzzle as to how they came to be growing here. We harvested the three mammoths this weekend and RailGuy kindly carted them up to the house. The largest weighed in at 41 pounds. I had Buddy pose with the pumpkins. He made it clear that pumpkins were of absolutely no interest to him, but kindly stuck around long enough for me to get this shot of him and the giant cucurbitas.


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