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Mousie, Me, Ponygirl and Diva

Ponygirl and I like to start the year off with a New Year’s Day ride. That way, whatever follows, at least you got the year off to a positive beginning. I don’t recall what happened last year to throw us off stride, but we seem to have missed our ride. Here we are back in 2010, though, the year I tore my rotator cuff and was riding with one arm out of commission. Memorable, but not in a good way! We still got out for our ride though.


Ponygirl and Diva

This year, New Year’s Day was overcast and mild. Around noon, the sun tried to peek through, but was defeated. Still, the temperature was above freezing and it was quite pleasant. Ponygirl arrived about mid-afternoon and we headed out to the barn to round up Diva and Mousie and get saddled up. Just as we started to get the horses ready, it began to rain! Should we continue, or give up on the idea for this year? We decided we would at least have a short outing, and continued to get ready. By the time we mounted up, it was still raining, but just a light frizz. We rode down to the Back Forty Forest and enjoyed a tour of the woodlands before returning triumphantly, our New Year ritual complete for another year.


Mousie and Me

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At the end of the year, WordPress sends its bloggers a little review of how their blogging year shaped up. They are pretty imaginative with their numbers. WordPress has this to say about the number of views Willow House Chronicles received:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 51,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 19 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Thank you to all the readers who dropped by and enjoyed the concert!

Willow House Chronicles attracts an average of about 150 views a day. The busiest day in 2011 was nearly a year ago, on January 13th, with 286 views recorded. The post that day was titled On Carrying Water. I think it was only coincidental that this day happened to accrue the most views, and the post itself wasn’t the most popular. However, On Carrying Water is one of my favorites. If you’d like to read these thoughts on having something you care deeply about in your life, you can link to the post here.

The most-viewed post in 2011 was a post from the summer of 2010, If you plant it, they will come! It’s a post about planting parsley and fennel and dill in your garden to attract Black Swallowtails (Papilio polyxenes). These plants are favorite foods of Black Swallowtail caterpillars, and I was able to photograph the youngsters enjoying dinner in the garden as they moved through their various stages of growth. Click here if you’d like to revisit the post. And start looking for parsley and fennel and dill seeds! It’s never too early to start planning this year’s garden!

I was surprised that the most-viewed Sunday Snapshot was a photograph of approaching darkness simply titled Night. It’s included at the bottom of this post.

I started Willow House Chronicles in February of 2009, so it will soon be 3 years old. In 2011, I added 237 new posts, bringing the total for this blog to 882 posts. I enjoyed a relaxing hiatus from blogging in November and December and plan to return to posting now, perhaps not as regularly as in previous years.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season and wish you all the best in 2012. Thank you for dropping by Willow House Chronicles. It’s nice to have you visit and the welcome mat is always out!


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May world leaders and all residents of Earth find the strength and integrity to do what is right for our beautiful home planet instead of what is expedient and profitable.

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