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We’ve been treated to another chorus of winter’s song. A snow storm blustered through on Friday afternoon, leaving about 8 inches of wet, heavy snow in its wake. It does make things tidier, with everything dressed once again in a frosty white coating. The temperature this afternoon is around minus 8 C (about 18 F), so the snow will be around for a little while. Still, we’re just a week away from March now. Winter won’t last much longer.

The storm was still blowing itself out this morning, so I kept the horses in their stalls and gave them their breakfast hay indoors. The horses object to this. They’re all about routine and don’t like changes. They say: “Hey! This isn’t right! We’ve got to go out! We can’t eat hay inside in the morning! Let us out! Open the door! Out! It’s morning!” The donkeys, on the other hand have a much more laid back point of view. The donkeys embrace whatever comes their way with a positive attitude. The two little boys said: “Wow! Breakfast in bed! Fabulous!” They wasted no time fussing and moved right on to chowing down.

By noon, the sun was trying to peak out through the partly cloudy sky and I turned everyone out into their field, where the horses dashed about, kicking up their heels in glee. The donkeys said: “Oh, snow! Nice.”


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