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I had to run some errands yesterday, and as I drove past a stubbly corn field, I noticed 5 deer foraging. They were unusually close to the road, and I wanted to get a photograph of them. They raised their heads as I slowed the car, watching warily. I knew I would only get one shot off and I powered down the window and turned my camera on to be ready. As soon as I brought the car to a halt they were off! The photograph at the top was my first and best shot, the white flags of three deer flashing as they bounded away.


They retreated to the forest edge and waited for my next move. When the car failed to move on, they decided discretion was the better part of valour, and disappeared, single file, into the woods.

They have good cause to be so nervous. There are many, many hunters around here, all with a positive mania for guns and shooting. However, it’s not hunting season, so they are safe for a while, and my camera is the only thing I do any shooting with. Their food supply may be running low after the long winter. I’m sure they are looking forward to the fresh browse of spring.


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